Welcome to Migrant Winds!


I continue to publish and sell my silkscreened art with many

themes about the human spirit, as well as a few other themes

that inspire me. Each year I print a few new poster calendars

 which I exhibit at the Harvard Square Holiday Fair.


I see the visual world as patterns overlapping and set in front of me.  I try to gather them and put them on a page in print.  Each theme uses different patterns, and I use many techniques to achieve them.  Silkscreen printing is a process of layering images one color at a time to create the final print. The inks used are water-based. All of the printing is done by myself with TLC on acid neutral paper so that the prints can last for years.

Clothing and pillowcases are available at shows and not online.


Order from this web site or come see me at one of my shows!   Connie Barbour

© 2016 Connie Barbour